US Tax Deductible EIN: 26-0256621

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

US Tax Deductible EIN: 26-0256621

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

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2018 Donors List

CURE Level: $5,000+ Donation


Take a Hike Tay-Sachs

Research PhD: $1,000 to $4,999 Donation

Adam Anderson

Bryce and Amy Anderson

Eric Neubert

Ervin Cohen and Jessup

Jon Rabinowitz

Lauren Rabinowitz

NU-DI Corporation

Race Roster

Research: $500 to $999 Donation

Patricia Beaudry

State Farm Employee's

Steve Hoffman

Steven Schachtman Trust

Your Cause

Treatment Provider: $250 to $499 Donation

4300 Jasmine Property

Alicia Richarte

Amazon Smile

Carrie Forster

Charles Barrington

Elizabeth Puckett

Fort Lauderdale Alumnae AOII

Karl and June Reidel

Lillian Ponce De Leon

Rolando Villanueva

United Way - Sacramento

Symptom Manager: $101 to $249 Donation


Amy Brown - InstaPhysique


Dan Duggan

Elizabeth Masiero

Euclid School

Gloria Nelson

Haprinder Singh

Helene Bouchard

James Johnson

James Macmiller

John and Laurie Tenberg

Julie Rabinowitz

Kimyetta Barron

Lisa Nelson Laptalo, DMD

Marc Sikoscow

Marcel Bouchard

Marilyn Dolesh

Megan Lehnhoff

Network For Good

Phillip Starr

Raquel Richarte

Ricky Shah

Roxie Food Center

Scott & Elizabeth Miller

Tami Kint

United Way - Loraine

Jacob Sheep Parent: $100 Donation

Adaire McMillan

Andrea Barnes Trust

Barrett and Marilyn Rochman

Carlene Klein

Carole Baldassano

Charles Barrington

Cynthia Miller

Delores Leo

George Khouri

Gloria Nelson

James & Heather Scullin

James Watson

Jewish Federation of Atlanta

Jo Ann and Allan Rabinowitz

John Daise

John Rigney

Joseph Vumbacco

June and Mike Martz

Kalina Ivanova

Larry Brown

Marlene Fineman

Matthew Marcus

Michael Clerico

Mylissa Trowbridge

Nan Chapman

Phyllis Wilson

Richard & Maureen Bihn

Richard King

Robert and Jean Bihn

Ryan Burrell

Scott Schwartz

Sukhdeep Singh

Care Provider: $1 to $99 Donation

Angie Kinzinger

Anita Anderson

Anita Lukes

Audrey Ades

Bank of America

Blue Sky Vinyard

Brad Devine

Brittany Gichini

Crystal Bledsoe

David & Rita Block

Debbie Marnien

Deborah Marnien

Eduardo Vazquez

Elizabeth Martin

Estefania Becerra

Filippo Moreci

Fuquay-Varina Garden Club

Hal and Joni Krevoy

Harry Shpelfogel

Jane Johnston

Jane Moeller

Janet Schmidt

Jeffrey Kumpula

Jennifer Logue

Jerald & Jaclyn Baranoff

John Marnien

Jon Marnien


Larry and Aljean Webb

Lori Whann

LOTS Foundation

Marilyn Arbogast

Marina Mochkina

Mary Annn and Fred Liebmann

Mary Robinson

Maureen Bihn

Michael O'Rourke

Michelle Woodward

Monica Olvera-Walker

Nick String

Pledgeling Foundation

Richard & Julianne Schuck

Ruth Goldberg

Ruth Rosenfeld

Sagar Mehta

Sarah Mattingly

Sarah Zelmer Ammons

Sharon Stipkovits

Susan McGuire

Susan Mitchell

Tara Keefner

Teresa Castelli

Terri Yursky

Thomas Johnson

Thrivent Financial

Thurs Morning Coffee League

Tim Gannon

United Way - Indiana

United Way CCR

Vish Nadaarajah

Yolanda Thomas

Your Cause

Your Cause HCA

Donations made in honor of:

Charles Lee



Davita Schachter

Devin Purcell





Erin Merrien

Francis Climie

Gillian Goldberg

Grayson K

Grayson Kemps 5th Birthday

Grayson L

Harrison Mitchell

Hike for Grayson!!


James Weinbrecht


Lester Levin

Lincoln School

Mallory S.

Matthew McWilliams

Natalie Barnes

Nathan and Dillon Robaut

Nathan H

Nathan R

Richard Braxton Whitfield

Rosea Comer

Stanley Dolesh

Take a Hike Tay-Sachs

CTSF Thank You

The Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation (CTSF) is honored and humbled to have your support. Since our founding in June 2007 the CTSF has raised $4,052,043 (as of 12/31/2016) to support Tay-Sachs disease research!! We have spent $2.07 million on research projects to date and have another $214,000 committed to projects in support of the Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium and other projects.

The battle against this disease is difficult - but we are making real progress!! No child in the history of medicine has survived Tay-Sachs! It has a 100% fatality rate. We have to change the course of history to beat this disease - so that is what we will do. With your help - anything and everything is possible. We will not be outworked in our quest!!

We work hard to protect our donor's money by spending it wisely. We keep administrative expenses as low as possible (less then 9%) and the foundation has NO paid employees or consultants. Every dollar we spend is related to fundraising activity or research support!! A listing of the research we support can be found on the Research section of this website. Thank you so much for supporting us - we will find a CURE for Tay-Sachs disease. There is HOPE in your HELP!!.

This is a special gift awarded to our donors who contribute $1,000 or more in 2017. The stylish award is emblazened with the Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation logo and commemorates forever the year of your most generous donation! You will forever be reminded that there is HOPE in your HELP!!