US Tax Deductible EIN: 26-0256621

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

US Tax Deductible EIN: 26-0256621

- (562) 212-1071

- 2409 E. Luke Avenue Phoenix AZ 85016

Donor Recognition

2018 CTSF Donors

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Donations Made by Children

2017 Donors List

CURE Level: $5,000+ Donation


Greg Doren

Research PhD: $1,000 to $4,999 Donation

Bader Abdullah

Brian Maloney

Bruce Steiger

Bryce & Amy Anderson

Dave & Nicki Luce

David & Christine Novicky

Dozier Hood

Duane Smith

Felicia Kemp

Kyle & Mindi Zollar

Mona Vogal

Rosanne Haulser Williams

Research: $500 to $999 Donation

Adam Anderson

Charles Barrington

Chip & Lori Combs

Corinne Cooley

Game Day Apparel

Jenifer Cavazos

John & Mary Woelfel

Julie Hooper

Karl and June Reidel

Ken & Julie Bihn

Mary Little

Shanda Johnson Taylor

Shari Stengel

United Way- Southeast Michigan

Treatment Provider: $250 to $499 Donation

Alan and Lindy Glaser

Alica Richarte

Bank of America

Brice & Marilyn Buehler

Christina Juhasz

Christine Girello

Euclid School

Jeanne Karl

Lindsey Bower

Terry Karl

The Bakers Crust Labedzki

Tony Mitchell

Your Cause HCA - Joy Milligan

Symptom Manager: $101 to $249 Donation

Adam Anderson

Amazon Smile

Angela Neubaum

Blue Sky Vinyard

Brian & Rana Sass

Brian & Sherri Manning

Charles Barrington

D'Aon Lucas

David Presky and John Toman

Diane Ogle Nair

Ervin, Cohen & Jessup LLP

General Atlantic Foundation

George Crenshaw

John Nagengast

Joseph & Colleen Alletto

Kirbie Conrad

Kylie Candy

Lance Freedlund

Lisa Borg

Marion Conte

Mike & June Martz

Nadia Tyner

Patricia Beaudry

Sue and Tim Mahoney

Sue Boldra For Kansas

Sunset Cove Resort

Thrivent Financial Edwin Lehman

United Way of Indiana

United Way- Milwaukee

Jacob Sheep Parent: $100 Donation

Amanda Weaver

Art & Barbara Nehr

Becky & Loren Benson

Bob Bihn

Brian Brown

Carol Warner

Clifton Churchhill

Darlene Wilkinson

Debbie Nolan

Diane Escalante

Dianne Goold

Doug Friar

Emergency Medical Professionals

HMI Industries

Jeramy Rushlow

Jewish Federation of Atlanta- Caroline & Randy Gold

Kaitlyn & Kathleen Chambers

Kay Dirschell

Ken & Corinne Hynes

Kenneth Mattison

Kountry Shanty

Leland & Jo Ann Reeter

Lisa Wallace

M.R. Norton

Mike & Val Karl

Miss Elliott

Nan Chapman

Optimal Medical Staffing

Patrica Beaudry

Patricia Beaudry

Randy Wolff

Sarah Mattingly

Sharon Storrs

Susan McGuire

Thomas Maginn

William and Carol Ball

Care Provider: $1 to $99 Donation

Alexander Leonard

Alfredo Villao

Alicia Watts

Alyssa Tyner

Amy Anderson

Ann McClure

Anthonius Storm

Arlene & Marvin Freedberg

Barbara Abramson

Barbara Wuebbels


Brian & Sally Hasty

Bridget Barle

Charles & Beverly Maupin

Christina Souder

Christina Foster

Clara Dyer

Davey Tree Svc.

David & Cecelia Corley

Deborah Marnien

Dennis & Patricia Danley

Donnna Gasparek

Ed & Barbara Busi

Elizabeth Masiero

Erica Catherall

Errand Girlz

Estaban Lopez

Fred Villao

Gina Koehler

Grace Endy



Heather Wong

J Wagner

Janis and Dusty Hancock

Jeff & Heidi Dodd

Jeff Keefner

Jeffrey Keefner

Jeffrey Kumpula

Jenna Francisco

Joan Davis

Joy Milligan

Karl & June Reidel

Karla Jones

Katrina Tyne

Kevin Mingus

Kristen Sobieski

Linda Alvidrez

Lisa Miller

Lisa Wallace

Lori Lenhard

Lori Nassif

Lou Cowherd

Luanne Gipe

Magdalina Duncan

Margaret Walters

Maria Flemming

Marilyn Myers

Marlene Fineman

Mary Harrison

Mary K. La Tempa

Megan Watts

Mike & Susan Elizer

Paul & Carol Wagner

Publication Betham Science

Randolf Sprangler

RC and RMK McCallister

Rebecca Mansour

Richard & Petria Lundwall

Richard & Sue Herman

Richard Etchells

Robert & Joan Wheeler

Rosemary Pitman

Sagar Mehta

Sandhya Dantuluri

Sara Owens

Stacy Stein

Steve Clendenen

Susan Pfeifer

Suzanne Gallagher

Tara Keefner

Thomas Johnson

Timothy Brady

Tony Navarrete


Walter Lippard

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo Employees

Your Cause

Donations made in honor of:


Casey and Tommy Pounds

Drew A.

Grayson K.

Grayson L


Jacqueline Purcell

Karen Duncan / Kylan

Kenneth Mattison

Lindsey Bower

Maloney Family

Matt & Valerie Cox



Donations made in memory of:

Ali Jean

Annabel Pounds

Charles Lee

Christopher Modelewski



Dan Warlick

Devon Purcell

Elise T

Elise's 15th bday



Enid Deborah Titelman and Marcia Barbara Titelman


Kylan Locke



Marvin Saperstein

Miss Elliott


Peg Moffitt

Riley Bear


Sabrina Tuleja

CTSF Thank You

The Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation (CTSF) is honored and humbled to have your support. Since our founding in June 2007 the CTSF has raised $4,052,043 (as of 12/31/2016) to support Tay-Sachs disease research!! We have spent $2.07 million on research projects to date and have another $214,000 committed to projects in support of the Tay-Sachs Gene Therapy Consortium and other projects.

The battle against this disease is difficult - but we are making real progress!! No child in the history of medicine has survived Tay-Sachs! It has a 100% fatality rate. We have to change the course of history to beat this disease - so that is what we will do. With your help - anything and everything is possible. We will not be outworked in our quest!!

We work hard to protect our donor's money by spending it wisely. We keep administrative expenses as low as possible (less then 9%) and the foundation has NO paid employees or consultants. Every dollar we spend is related to fundraising activity or research support!! A listing of the research we support can be found on the Research section of this website. Thank you so much for supporting us - we will find a CURE for Tay-Sachs disease. There is HOPE in your HELP!!.

This is a special gift awarded to our donors who contribute $1,000 or more in 2017. The stylish award is emblazened with the Cure Tay-Sachs Foundation logo and commemorates forever the year of your most generous donation! You will forever be reminded that there is HOPE in your HELP!!